Leadership and Management

Influencing attitudes, changing behaviours and impacting outcomes.

Customised leadership and management development programmes to meet and exceed your organisation’s, leaders and management development goals.

Your goals, your leaders, your managers,
our development expertise​

Choosing a development partner that treats your leaders, managers and company as unique and therefore designs the development programme that suits your goals is paramount to your success. The highly acclaimed 3:2 Management Development Programme’s© primary focus is on working with your leaders and managers to influence attitudes, change behaviours and impact outcomes. In other words, the focus is on transactional and relational leadership, getting the job done whilst creating and nurturing genuine relationships with team members, colleagues and clients establishing long term success.

First Line Managers

Day to day operations, supporting senior managements brief.

A first-line manager’s role is to ensure the day to day operations are happening. Key focus is on the clients, the team and self.
This being carried out through effective and efficient use of their resources. Whilst ensuring the well-being of their team is of paramount importance to create and sustain motivation and productivity within the team. The 1st line manager will closely work with the workforce on inputs and outputs. The move from team member to team manager is often a difficult transition, whilst the shift of skillset and mindset does not come naturally, this requires development and support to form a great manager.

Senior Managers

Strategy translation and execution, creating a high-performance culture, strengthening values.

A key component of a senior managers responsibility is to understand, translate and ensure execution of the organisation’s
strategic plan. Taking a vision and working with their direct reports, typically first-line managers and creating a brief on the execution of the plan. Senior managers strive to create and enhance a high-performance culture, whilst developing key and important continuous business improvements. This is carried out in close collaboration with other senior managers to ensure a seamless execution that works with and supports all functions within the company. This may include working closely with their direct reports on the day-to-day and exceptional operations, to ensure there is resilience around risk management and vulnerabilities.

Executive Leadership

Vision and Mission, the drive for business health and success.

The Executive Leaders focus is on strategic vision and mission and bringing their staff along with them to ensure success.
Presenting to the business a comprehensive roadmap of the way forward with goals and strategy that motivates and challenges the workforce to strive for success is a key component. Composing a strategic plan with all its elements, goals, initiatives, budgets, marketing, sales, operations, values, culture and more, is the responsibility of the executive leaders. Executive leaders in collaboration with their senior management team prepare strategic visions to guide and influence the blueprint on execution, measurement reporting and amendments.

“In my opinion building leadership and management talent is about developing their confidence, judgement, communication and appreciation of others – it is part of the old adage of surrounding yourself with great people. The Bute Group has done that for me across many years with teams and individuals from different backgrounds and in very different stages of their careers. It is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent in the twenty years I have been running ICT functions. Bute is one of my key suppliers that I have taken with me from company to company and used effectively at them all.”
Jonathan Ward-Brown, Director of ICT, Brunswick Group LLP