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How well is your company adapting to the changing workplace? Is your leadership team agile enough to keep up? The success of your business depends more than ever on the attitudes and abilities of its leaders. New challenges of office disruption and fragmented team structures are something we all face, often resulting in decreased motivation and higher staff turnover. With employees increasingly working at a physical distance, leading and motivating a team has taken on a totally new dimension.

If these challenges sound familiar, we can help!


A team with shared goals and direction

Your business needs leaders who are motivated, resilient and empathetic. Our acclaimed 3:2 Management and Leadership Model empowers your managers to unlock their own leadership potential and work together effectively as a team. We will help you achieve this by challenging mindsets, changing behaviours and boosting skillsets. And with the right attitude and approach, your business will see motivation and productivity soar.

Developing the managers of tomorrow

Our tailored training and development programmes are designed to not only help your business navigate our evolving workplace but thrive in it. Unlike other programmes which adopt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, we carefully assess your business to create a bespoke programme of training and coaching, unique to your leadership team’s personal needs and shared goals. We’ll help you create an agile management team that can adapt and lead your business to success, whatever challenges you might face.

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Our Members Hub is here to support you through your journey with The Bute Group.  Once you’ve signed up to one of our programmes, you’ll be able to access course materials and complete any pre-task exercises.  Simply log in to get started.  Our team is always on hand for any help you might need.

What to Expect
The Members Hub also features additional interactive content to reinforce your learning.  Content will be available for the duration of your programme so you can always refer back to it if needed.  Used in combination with our resource Hub, you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

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“In my opinion, building leadership and management talent is about developing confidence, judgement, communication and appreciation of others – it is part of the old adage of surrounding yourself with great people. The Bute Group has done that for me across many years with teams and individuals from different backgrounds and in very different stages of their careers.  It is without a doubt the best money I have ever spent in the twenty years I have been running ICT functions.  Bute is one of my key suppliers that I have taken with me from company to company and used effectively at them all.”  

Jonathan Ward-Brown

The Bute Group has designed and delivered an outstanding development programme around Impactful and effective presentations to our pre sales and sales teams.

The programme design provided an agile framework that can be individually flexed depending upon the presentation objectives and audience. This has increased the teams skills, capabilities and confidence whilst giving them the tools to prepare and execute sharper and certainly more impactful presentations, to the benefit of both Bell and Bell’s Clients. We are continuing to engage with Bute on additional leadership and management development areas. 

Stuart McMinn

My RoI from the three-day ‘Impactful and Engaging Presentations’ has been an evaluation and overhaul of my prep and presentation skills with some immediate effects like the progression of projects that were stalled. Mindset-wise, I feel much more confident in approaching meetings and delivering exactly what I want from them, knowing the audience understood and remembered the important parts, and getting the next steps I set out to get. 

Steven Lee

We engaged the Bute Group to provide our talented managers with a development programme to enhance their the skills to lead growing teams and increased accountability. We have been delighted with our teams progress; it has helped them to make intelligent decisions with confidence, making better use of resources, managing performance at a team level and working towards business goals through strategic translation. In addition, it has built trust and stronger working relationships within our leadership team… 

Joanne Truscott