Managers discussing the advantages and disadvantages of employee coaching during workshop.

3:2 Management and Leadership Model

Leaders and managers can be unaware of the impact of their behaviour on an individual’s confidence and productivity. Multiply this by the number of individuals in a team, by the number of teams and the issues and challenges are real when the impact is negative.

Managers and teams will often work to their own goals and standards when a company is rudderless and without shared goals and direction, this becomes exceedingly difficult to measure and manage successfully.  What success looks like depends on the manager’s or leader’s motivation, expertise and knowledge on how to set and manage their team’s motivation and productivity.

The 3:2 management and leadership development programmes are designed to challenge and assist managers and leaders think differently, to unlock their potential to become better at what they do and in turn feed into business success.

The 3:2 management and leadership development programmes follows a framework formed around the 3:2 management and leadership model of five components; three of the components represent the individual’s requirements, developing attitudes, changing behaviours and boosting skillsets, while the remaining two consider the business requirements of meeting goals and achieving high-performance outcomes.

Within the companies that have employed the 3:2 Management and Leadership Model, motivation and productivity has soared, with first line managers reporting to have saved several months in time, lowering operational costs and increased motivation and productivity. One of our teams reported an increase of 28% higher productivity, lower absenteeism, lateness and staff turnover. Senior managers have successfully aligned company, departmental, team and individuals’ goals followed with executing, reviewing and amending to meet the ever changing workplace.  Leadership teams have reported a harmonious and driven team dynamic, tighter strategic plan (through carrying out a thorough planning exercise) and measurable successful outcomes.

From the 3:2 management and leadership model we have created two products:

3:2 Management and Leadership Development Programmes (3:2mldp)

3:2mldp are designed for three levels of leadership and management; First Line Managers, Senior Managers and Executive Leaders. 

3:2mldp programmes are bespoke, they are made up of variety of development modules that are designed to incorporate your companies’ goals and requirements, including internal processes and procedures, legislation etc.

We have over 20 development modules that we work from:

  • Management Working Styles (includes management, learning and communication styles)
  • Resource Planning and Time Management
  • Designing and Managing Change
  • Team Building and Management
  • Creative and Innovative Management
  • Strategic Translation
  • Crisis Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Culture Setting
  • Developing values
  • Developing Business Acumen
  • and many more

3:2 Management and Leadership Development Coaching (3:2mldc)

3:2mldc offers one-to-one coaching and focus is targeted at the individual’s leadership and management potential. All programmes are bespoke and are delivered to meet the individual’s and the company’s needs.

Topics of exploration may include:

  • Developing personal impact and performance.
  • Career progression.
  • Prepare and transition into a new role with greater confidence and skill set.
  • Mapping your first days within a new role.
  • Empower ownership, responsibility and productivity.
  • Managing Change and implementation.
  • Balancing workloads and expectations.
  • Solution based outcomes to work-related issues.
  • Channelling focus and delivering on high-value outcomes.
  • Plan and develop a reputation and brand that authentically reflects who you are.