The Bute Group (TBG) an international company, delivering exceptional and exclusive leadership and management development to companies, leaders and managers who aspire to realise their true potential.

Here at TBG we are globally recognised thought leaders in the leadership and management development arena.   Our niche and passion is leadership and management development. Working with 1st line managers through to and including executive leadership.

Founded in 2005 (formerly known as Bute ltd, the learning and development company), our organisation has evolved and flexed over time to stay ahead of the market. It is a permanent goal of TBG to continue to provide an exceptional service to our development participants and our clients that engage us for our outstanding services.

The facilitation and delivery team at TBG are experienced managers and facilitators with real world experiences.  

The Bute Group delivers the exclusive proprietary 3:2 Management Development Programmes and 3:2 Management Development Coaching, both of which are centred around the 3:2 Management Model™, a highly developed framework encapsulating the key attributes of successful leaders and Managers.

3:2 management development offers a palette of modules that are designed to be flexible and adaptable to incorporate your internal processes.

At TBG you get to partner with people who want to know your development concerns and goals, once understood we will design the programme that addresses your development concerns and at the very least meets your goals, typically exceeds them. We will deliver your programme with energy and thought to engage and inspire your team to want to be the best, and in turn produce greater ROI for your business.

Your organisation, leaders and managers development is of paramount importance for business success, we agree.   Contact us now, call +44 (0) 203 489 6734