• Influencing Attitudes

  • Changing Behaviours

  • Impacting Outcomes

Development Overview

The complexity of a leaders and managers role is ever increasing in depth and reach as they progress through their career.   Each new level of promotion brings its own unique set of rewards and challenges. Each one requiring a mindset and skillset enhancement to carry out the new responsibilities convincingly and successfully.

Your leaders and managers are individuals with their own set of responsibilities; your business is unique with its own mission and vision, clients, culture, values, workforce and, should be recognised and developed as such.


Tomorrow’s leaders and talent pool

Developing your managers to be tomorrows leaders will ensure clear line of sight of successors and provide a talent pool; developing your senior managers negates the risk of leadership scarcity should the unexpected happen; developing your executive leaders affords them the time and support to advance their thinking and processes to scaffold a healthier business.

Each level of management has an intrinsic role to play in organisational success. Leaders and managers are required to go beyond the obvious and understand how to get the best out of their team, manage their resources and self, to support their manager’s goals and overall to deliver organisational success.


Exclusive and bespoke development

The globally recognised thought leaders in the leadership and management development arena, The Bute Group, designs and delivers development programmes and 1:1 coaching founded on the exclusive 3:2 Management Model™, a highly developed framework encapsulating the key attributes of today’s and tomorrow’s successful leaders and Managers.

The bespoke programmes are designed to suit the needs of your business and the individuals.  Each module provides the opportunity for immediate and practical application of skills and knowledge, demonstrating immediate and longer-term enhanced management performance results.   As a business adopting shared frameworks, methodologies and tools across the company ensures all managers and leaders are talking the same language, using the same methods without losing their individuality, identity and opinions.  All modules are designed to encompass your relevant processes, procedures, legislation etc that is essential to your business success.


Group development

The leadership and management development is centred around the 3:2 Management Model™ and delivered through 3:2 Management Development Programmes (3:2mdp).   Each programme is designed to be delivered in a group format (maximum 12 participants) and consists of unique modular topics combining innovative frameworks, methodologies, tools and processes. The programme challenges and equips managers with the skillset to perform and deliver to the best of their ability, and, the mindset to carry out their roles more efficiently and effectively.

Modules include: communication styles, conflict management, knowing your own and others preferred working styles, strategic planning, change management, team productivity and motivation, crisis management, resource and time management, continuous business improvements and many more.   Each individual module and programme is designed to be adapted to meet your goals and objectives.


1:1 coaching development

The 3:2 Management Development Coaching (3:2mdc) is a unique offering, with the no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Managers and Leaders can’t be everything to all. Often there is a mismatch between ‘trying to’ and ‘actual delivery’.  As much as your leaders and managers may have the right intention and attitude (or possibly not), behaviour and outcomes are often not congruent.  More and more demands are being placed on them and time constraints, workloads and expectations of others will take a leader or manager off course. 1:1 coaching will allow them to revaluate their priorities and get back on track.  Each coaching programme is designed and delivered exclusively for the coachee.   Where applicable adopting the shared frameworks, methodologies and tools from the 3:2md modules will be incorporated to once again ensure all managers and leaders are talking the same language, using the same methods etc across the organisation.


Working with The Bute Group

Working with The Bute Group you will receive the support and advice required to ensure that the development programmes chosen is meets your business goals and that of the participants.   You will have the opportunity to discuss your requirements with a member of our development team, they know the programmes better than any sales person could; you with support can pick from the library of modules, have your own internal processes incorporated to ensure you goals and objectives are met.


Accredited Programmes

Our programmes are CPD accredited, employees that are members of a professional membership body, professional institute or academic body, may assign the points awarded from the development programme towards the points required by such bodies to ensure that their members stay up to date with their professional development.


Icing on the cake…

Promoting continuous development, your employees will have access to the exclusive 3:2md membership area, they will be invited to ongoing complimentary webinars and receive timely emails with additional development prompts.

The Bute Group can take care of all the administration, invites and joining instructions, management reporting, evaluations and more.