High Performance Outcomes – 3:2 Management Model

In my previous blog you were introduced to the 3:2 Management Model and as promised I wrote that the next blog would be about High Performance Outcomes.   And, here it is.

High Performance Outcomes

3-2 MM version1High Performance Outcomes are all about exceeding the recipients expectation of the agreed goals.  High Performance Outcomes drive extended impact and successful outcomes.

Outcomes VS Goals

Outcomes and goals are very different.  Goals are what you work towards and the outcomes are what you deliver.   Yes, they can be one and the same for an under-performing team or Manager; however, for high performance teams and Managers they are very different.

To put it simply, goals are the minimum requirements; High Performance Outcomes are deliverables that not only meet your goals they exceed them and hence give greater value add and have a much greater positive impact than that of the original goal. 

And yes, there are reasons (and excuses) why Mangers and teams only deliver the minimum, the goals.

The reasons and excuses of under-performers

Many Managers know the goals that they are working towards and do not deliver. This is often because of lack of resources, lack of commitment, lack of motivation and even lack of want.

Equally many Managers will struggle to measure the success or failure of the goals they are working towards.

There are many excuses behind this, badly written or verbally agreed goals is the most common one.  Goals can be ambiguous and therefore are translated differently by different people. Other excuses include no real buy-in to the goal and of course the very simple, not wanting to!

The successful outcomes – the high performers

Many Managers deliver on exactly what the goals require.

Not many Managers make conscious and planned decisions to exceed their goals… to deliver not only what is required, but to deliver a better service or product than is expected.

Where a Manager and the team members acknowledge that they have a goal they will turn this very quickly into an outcome.  Those involved will recognise and acknowledge the measurements that they are being measured on and from that they make a conscious and planned decision to exceed them.

This requires them to perform at a higher level than the potential measurement requires.

A Manager and the team will take an agreed approach to their goal, not only to meet the requirements, also to exceed it. A High Performing Team will also be aware of the outcome and the impact the Value Add will have for the recipient. The Manager and the team will be working at a performance level that is measured above their benchmark and the requirements. This can be seen not only in outcomes, but is also demonstrated by attitude, energy, enthusiasm and a buy-in from all involved to work towards the elevated goal.

Why bother?

Customers these days, and by customers I mean both internal and external, are looking for an easy and simple interaction. Customers require outcomes to be easy and not difficult or long winded.

That being said lots of customers who receive a simple uncomplicated service could see the service as bland, vanilla, okay or as expected. Offering that simple uncomplicated service and adding something more works towards the High Performance Outcomes that allows you to stand out from the crowd. 

This often results in increased turnover due to returning customers and new customers.   It also has a greater effect within the team with regards to energy, motivation… High performance.

High Performance Outcomes require:

  • The Attitude to want to excel
  • The behaviour to be able to deliver
  • The Skill-sets to do this efficiently and correctly
  • A Goal – all parties recognise the minimum requirements
  • Resources to deliver the Goal and more…
  • Value Add – the High Performance Outcome
  • A clear understanding of the High Performance Outcome and impact
  • A great Manager to ensure that it happens
  • And… recognition for exceeding expectations.


The next blog from the 3:2 Management Model will be garnering TRUST in the goals.

Changing Attitudes | Influencing Behaviours | Impacting Outcomes…


Margo Manning is Managing Director of Bute Learning and Development and Margo Manning Ltd. Margo is a professional speaker and is an Executive Coach. Margo works with Managers and Leaders to move them from static performance to high performance.  She works with her clients to Drive Success Through Performance.

Margo has been in the development arena for 20 years and more specifically in coaching for 11 of those.  Margo has worked with companies such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, AON, Balfour Beatty, Brunswick LLP, BBMV, Tower Hamlets Homes to name a few.