National Hug your Boss Day – 15th September

It was National Hug Your Boss Day on September 15th.  With that in mind, are you more likely to get a hmmpph! than a hug from your teamWith half of employees reportedly leaving their jobs because they don’t get on with their boss1 are you worried that your staff are looking for another role?

It seems that for some (from observation, a lot) of managers have still yet to nail the mutual respect and sense of employee value that most organisations would hope for.

The following is an exert from an article (written by yours truly) published in The HR DirectorWe are the City (Infographic),  Growth BusinessIncentive and MotivationWe are the City, and Growth Business.

Are you a manager and not feeling the love and respect from your team?

  • Have a Positive Attitude – Whilst your attitude alone will not determine success, it plays a large part in the success process. Attitude is key, and it is vital to have the right attitude for the right outcomes. Influencing your own attitude will result in changing your behaviours, and in return impact on outcomes. With a positive attitude you will be able to recognise obstacles as challenges rather than allowing them to be the finishing line. You can look beyond what may be in your way and see your possibilities.
  • Don’t be a Dreamer – If you are overly positive and optimistic, this leads to problems. Having an extremely optimistic view means that you may ignore issues and real concerns. Your outlook, whilst positive, may not be realistic. There is always balance, and realism must be included within an optimistic mindset. You will make the odd wrong decision, choose the wrong person, carry out the wrong task: that is called being human.

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Try these tips to help get the team backing your corner.  Excerpt  from The Step Up Mindset for New Managers (£14.99, Panoma Press)