Make or break – Seven simple steps to delivering a great presentation

Watching her deliver, she is in front of the room, reaching out, loud and clear and yet not saying a thing, verbally at least.   She looks the part, she’s moved the lectern to the side and her presentation is 4 slides for a 20 minute presentation.  It is clear that she understands and cares about her subject, she even laughs when she makes a mistake, this makes the audience smile with her….

Seven simple steps to delivering a great presentation…

  1. Be prepared
    Know your subject, not just from a features or functions point of view, not just the cold side of it. The warm side, the warm side that your audience can relate to.  The benefits, the need, the want, the emotion and deliver it with heart and possibly humour if appropriate.
  2. Be seen
    Stand up, front of stage. Lecterns are for hiding behind, for the meek and unprepared. Do not have your audience looking for you… Be seen, move, attract, use your body language to your best advantage, your audience will be reading your body language anyway!
  3. Be heard
    Your voice should be strong, not shouting. You should have movement in your voice, let the audience hear your passion, your expertise; grip them with what you are saying. EverestClimb
  4. Be clear
    Why are you there?  What is your message? How do you best deliver the message? What do you want happening after your presentation?  Does your presentation meet your requirements? Do you?
  1. Be prepared
    When things go wrong, and this may happen, see it as a great opportunity to impress your audience, be prepared to laugh at yourself (not others), improvise (easier if you know your subject) and generally be likeable. People like people.
  2. Be believable
    We (people) do not generally trust the unbelievable.
  1. Breathe

Capture your audience and have them thinking about you and your subject long after your presentation…

Check out this Ted Talk with Amy Cuddy; Your body language shapes who you are.

Changing Attitudes | Influencing Behaviours | Impacting Outcomes…


Margo Manning is Managing Director of Margo Manning Ltd and Bute Learning and Development. Margo is a professional speaker and is an Executive Coach. Margo works with Managers and Leaders to move them from static performance to high performance.  She works with her clients to Drive Success Through Performance.

Margo has been in the development arena for 20 years and more specifically in coaching for 11 of those.  Margo has worked with companies such as UBS, Goldman Sachs, AON, Balfour Beatty, Brunswick LLP, BBMV, Tower Hamlets Homes to name a few.