STEPS Report

Learning and Communication
Action plans are great as they give a sense of direction.(Required)
I enjoy the detail.(Required)
Finishing one task before I start another is my preferred option.(Required)
I aim to have tried and tested the task before delivery.(Required)
At times, deadlines can cause me to feel uncomfortable and on occasions stressed.(Required)
I don’t liked to get involved in office politics.(Required)
I don't enjoy having to work with long winded instructions .(Required)
I read my emails and documents thoroughly.(Required)
I enjoy working on complex tasks.(Required)
I like having time to be thorough on my approach.(Required)
I like working on lots of high energy tasks at the same time .(Required)
I enjoy talking with others on my intellectual level.(Required)
I enjoy working on tasks that I can relate back to my role .(Required)
I like to be front and centre .(Required)
I enjoy short deadlines.(Required)
I like to consider all potential possibilities.(Required)
I like to critically analyse the data before making decisions.(Required)
I consider my self a facilitator and like to make things easier for those around me.(Required)
I enjoy debating with senior members of staff on subjects outside of my area of expertise.(Required)
I like to have all the information to work with.(Required)
I like to deep dive within my area of interest.(Required)
I like to learn from someone who has experience in the field.(Required)
I like to learn through observation and research.(Required)
I need to know the theory is solid; I don’t need to observe it in action.(Required)
I like to reach decisions in my own time and without external pressure.(Required)
I like to take action.(Required)
I like to understand how it all pieces together.(Required)
I listen more than I talk.(Required)
I prefer when a decision is made and I am not going round in circles.(Required)
I skim read documents and emails.(Required)
I want to do a thorough job.(Required)
I want to get things done and onto the next task.(Required)
I will be the first to volunteer to try out something new.(Required)
I would rather talk face to face than email someone.(Required)
Researching the background, theories and concepts are a must.(Required)
I like to gather as much information on a subject as possible.(Required)
Practical hands on and practice is a must before delivery.(Required)
Qualifying the facts is necessary.(Required)
I like a degree of pressure, it energises me.(Required)
There needs to be a point to what I am doing.(Required)
Data Collection(Required)
For research purposes only The Bute Group are looking to capture job title and scores. Bute are researching if there is a correlation between roles and scores. If you agree, Bute will ONLY retain the job title and scores, all other information is deleted. If you disagree, Bute will delete all information immediately on the production of your report.