Working Styles – Dev

Learning and Communication
I have high expectations for myself and of others.(Required)
Action plans are great as they give a sense of direction.(Required)
I provide support and recognition.(Required)
At times, deadlines can cause me to feel uncomfortable and on occasions stressed.(Required)
Employees are paid to do a job, they shouldn’t expect additional recognition.(Required)
Finishing one task before I start another is my preferred option.(Required)
Giving and receiving feedback is important, particulary when my team members are doing well.(Required)
I don’t see the need to get invovled with the team's day to day tasks.(Required)
Staff development should be a priority.(Required)
I actively discourage any non-work related engagements with my team.(Required)
I aim to have tried and tested the task before delivery.(Required)
Team before tasks, that is my moto.(Required)
I always have the final say.(Required)
I enjoy the detail.(Required)
I am direct with my instructions.(Required)
I take the time to encourage people to look beyond their self-interest.(Required)
I don’t liked to get involved in office politics.(Required)
I have my responsiblities and I trust the team to get on with theirs.(Required)
I don't enjoy having to work with long winded instructions .(Required)
I read my emails and documents thoroughly.(Required)
I look to inspire people to reach for the improbable.(Required)
I enjoy working on complex tasks.(Required)
I like having time to be thorough on my approach.(Required)
I like working on lots of high energy tasks at the same time .(Required)
I enjoy talking with others on my intellectual level.(Required)
Staff feeling valued is paramount.(Required)
I enjoy working on tasks that I can relate back to my role .(Required)
I like to be front and centre .(Required)
Integrity and fairness are key values to me and I expect to observe these in others.(Required)
I enjoy short deadlines.(Required)
I like to consider all potential possibilities.(Required)
I like to critically analyse the data before making decisions.(Required)
I like to get to know my team on a personal level.(Required)
I consider my self a facilitator and like to make things easier for those around me.(Required)
I enjoy debating with senior members of staff on subjects outside of my area of expertise.(Required)
I like to have all the information to work with.(Required)
I like to deep dive within my area of interest.(Required)
I like to learn from someone who has experience in the field.(Required)
I like to learn through observation and research.(Required)
I like to personally manage senior managers task requests.(Required)
I need to know the theory is solid; I don’t need to observe it in action.(Required)
I like to reach decisions in my own time and without external pressure.(Required)
I like to take a hands-off approach to dealing with everyday tasks.(Required)
I like to take action.(Required)
I like to understand how it all pieces together.(Required)
I listen more than I talk.(Required)
Setting clear goals is always top of the list(Required)
I prefer when a decision is made and I am not going round in circles.(Required)
I respect those in authority.(Required)
I skim read documents and emails.(Required)
I want to do a thorough job.(Required)
I want to get things done and onto the next task.(Required)
I want more than transactional engagement, I want to stir emotions and feelings in people.(Required)
I will be the first to volunteer to try out something new.(Required)
I endeavour to solve challenges by finding experiences that show that old patterns no longer fit or work(Required)
I would rather talk face to face than email someone.(Required)
Allowing my team to make mistakes and resolve them is crucial.(Required)
Individuals have a voice within my team.(Required)
I always look to maximise my teams capabilites and capacity(Required)
I always have an open door policy, anytime of the day my team can come and chat.(Required)
I am more for facilitating organisational collaboration that can help drive a vision forward, rather than purely a strategic focus.(Required)
Researching the background, theories and concepts are a must.(Required)
Missing deadlines is not an option.(Required)
My input is best directed to supporting senior managers and customers.(Required)
My instructions should be followed exactly.(Required)
I like to gather as much information on a subject as possible.(Required)
My teams runs like clockwork, they are well disciplined.(Required)
My team's wellbeing comes before everything else incuding tasks and deadlines.(Required)
My team should prioritise the task over their own requirements.(Required)
1:1's are in the calendar and rarely, if ever, rescheduled or cancelled.(Required)
People say I have a strong personality.(Required)
People should be able to manage their own day to day workloads without management input.(Required)
Practical hands on and practice is a must before delivery.(Required)
Qualifying the facts is necessary.(Required)
I like a degree of pressure, it energises me.(Required)
People know where they stand with me.(Required)
Task deadlines are versatile/flexible.(Required)
Task management is top priority.(Required)
The financial value of a task determines priority.(Required)
There needs to be a point to what I am doing.(Required)